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VamPyro is my own Unity 5 creation, fully scripted in C# and using a set of free assets for character models, animations and pathfinding (see below for links). Each level, as well as the number and placement of enemies and blue health pick-ups, is created procedurally. The game can be controlled either with keyboard and mouse or with a Sony DualShock 4 controller.

In VamPyro, the player is tasked with escaping procedural mazes which increase in size and difficulty with each beaten level. The only offensive weapon against the maze's enemy population is a flame which draws from the player's health. When lower health means higher movement speed, it is up to the player to manage these variables by using more of the flame or picking up blue cells to replenish weapon fuel and health. Enemies can catch fire from coming into contact with either the player's flame or another burning enemy. Once on fire, enemies move faster than usual for the last seconds before they die, posing an additional threat to the player. Beating each level is either achieved by retrieving yellow keys from defeated enemies and then escaping the maze through the opened exits or by burning every last enemy to the ground.


  • Keyboard & Mouse:
    • Move with WASD
    • Aim by pointing the mouse
    • Shoot by clicking the left mouse button
  • DualShock 4:
    • Move with the left joystick
    • Aim with the right joystick
    • Shoot with R1

Player Assets

Enemy Assets



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